"There are fairies who have a mission to create snowfall -- did you know? Because they can make it snow, they're called Snow Fairies, I'm told." — Saga Bergman, episode 1
Saga Meets Sugar


Air Date

October 2, 2001


Yasunori Yamada


Shinichiro Kimura


Shinichiro Kimura


Keiko Kawashima

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Episode 02 - An Itsy-Bitsy Roommate

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It is another normal (and orderly) day in Saga's life, until she meets a tiny figure and feeds it a waffle. Complicating the budding relationship is that this little thing introduces itself as Sugar, a snow fairy — and Saga does not believe in fairies.

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  • Muhlenberg
    • Tower
    • Saga's house
    • Crescendo
    • Little Me
    • Muhlenburg Market Square
    • Waffle Stand
    • Park/Playground

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Trivia Edit

  • The series' opening theme, "Sugar Baby Love", is not yet used until the second episode. It instead opens with an introduction from Saga's past, a recurrent flashback in the series. However, the ending theme, "Snow Flower", is introduced.
  • The episode title, "Saga Meets Sugar," is not shown until the end of the episode.
  • The majority of the minor/support human cast make their debut in this episode.  Most of the common locations are also established other than Saga's house, such as the tower, Little Me, town square, and the music store.
  • Saga's mother appears in the episode's introduction and in an iconic photograph Saga keeps in her room, though her name and relation to the story isn't told of until later in the series.
  • Ginger the Rain Fairy also makes a few cameos in the episode: she flies past Saga and overhead the coffee shop before the solid cameo of her playing her violin at the Crescendo music store is shown. It takes a quick eye to see that it's her. She remains nameless and isn't shown speaking until her main debut in episode 3.
  • Apparently, Saga and her friends had not tried the town's local waffles before the start of the series, but it immediately becomes an established icon for this series, as well as Sugar's favorite food in this episode.

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