"Have you forgotten all you learned? Unless we find a Twinkle, we can't make the Magic Flower bloom." — Pepper, episode 3
Twinkle-Twinkle, Comfy-Warm, Puffy-Fluffy


Air Date

October 16, 2001


Akiko Horii


Shinichiro Kimura


Yoshimasa Hirachi


Yumi Nakayama


Episode 02 - An Itsy-Bitsy Roommate


Episode 04 - Where Are the "Twinkles"?

Summary Edit

While Saga goes shopping with her friends, Sugar, Salt and Pepper set off to find themselves a "Twinkle" - but neither of them have any concrete idea about what a "Twinkle" really is! Sugar thinks that it should be twinkling, Salt thinks that it should be comfy-warm, but Pepper thinks that it should be puffy-fluffy. A crow eager for shiny trinkets becomes an additional hazard in their quest.

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  • Junkyard/Phil's Laboratory

Trivia Edit

  • The episode title is shown after the opening from this point on, this time a few minutes afterward.  The white backdrop is also replaced with a plaid orange and green background.
  • Though she appeared in episode 1, Ginger is officially introduced by name and shown speaking in this episode.
  • Joe the Crow, a recurrent side character, is introduced. This is also the first time we learn animals are able to see Season Fairies, unlike most humans.
  • Salt and Pepper are shown using their musical instruments and magic for the first time.

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