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Ingrid Bergman


Ingrid Bergman


Saga Bergman (daughter), Regina (mother), unknown husband

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Ingrid Bergman (イングリット・ベルイマン) was a famous pianist and Saga's mother. She passed away due to an accident, much to Saga's distress, about 3 years before the start of the series.


Ingrid is seen to be a kind-hearted woman, yet devoted to her work. She seems to have had a good relationship with Regina, her mother and she dearly loved her daughter Saga.

Ingrid is known for possessing a beautiful white grand piano, a central piece to the show.


Ingrid's bike at the accident.

Ingrid died during an accident while riding her bike home. During a flashback that Saga has, we see that Ingrid was bringing back the pink toy piano which Saga keeps in her room.

We see Saga practicing piano late one rainy night when an officer comes to the door and tells her that her mother has passed away. We then see that Ingrid was bringing Saga home a present and we hear young Saga crying for her mother.

After we see flashes of the Funeral, we cut back to Saga, who stares through Cresendo's window and says: "It's always so sudden when they disappear and are gone."

Impact On Saga's Life[]

Ingrid's death left a significant impact on Saga. The impact it left is seen throughout the show and is most prominent during the final story arc.


  • She shares the same name with a Swedish actress who starred in a variety of European and American films, television movies, and plays from the late 1930s to the early 1980s.