"I deeply believe that a strong desire can make anything at all possible, even if it's never been done before." — Pepper, episode 14
Wind Fairy Pepper




9 in human years [1]

Weather practice




Hair color


Eye color


First appearance

Episode 2

Last appearance

OVA Special Part 2 (episode 26)

Voiced by

Kaori Mizuhashi (Japanese), Lara Cody (English)

Pepper (ペッパー) is a Wind Fairy apprentice whose musical instrument is the harp. She is working to become a Wind Fairy so she can continue her family's tradition. [2] She and Salt are Sugar's best friends and join her early in the series to search for a "Twinkle." The two try to keep the hyperactive Sugar from getting into trouble, but sometimes get caught up in it themselves. Out of the trio, she is the calmest and most well-behaved.

Personality Edit

Pepper is a quiet and caring fairy who loves nature. She is well-mannered, humble, and kind, never speaking a harsh word to anyone. She does anything she can to help others, and tries to give advice to her friends when they're having problems.

Pepper loves animals and is able to communicate with and understand them. She's often turned to animals for information about things in the human world that she and her friends might be able to use, since most humans can't see fairies.

In addition to animals and nature, Pepper seems to enjoy reading books and making observations about the world around her. She is fascinated with learning many tidbits about the human world, whether they're helpful facts or useless knowledge. Sometimes she'll excitedly blab about information or stories she learns without realizing it, which at times bores her friends.

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