"No worries! Just leave it to good old Phil!" - Phil, episode 23

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OVA Special Part 2 (Episode 26)

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Asami Sanada (Japanese), Steve Staley (English)

Phil (フィル, Firu) and his two friends (lanky Jan and stout Alan) are (often unsuccessful) inventors who often try to enlist Saga, Anne, and Norma's help with their latest projects. It is speculated that there is a love interest between Phil and Saga.

Phil, Alan, and Jan often spend time collecting supplies and creating their inventions in the town's junkyard in a lab they set up there at its center.

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Phil wants to become a scientist when he grows up.[2] He is usually busy making some sort of wacky experiments which usually blow up on him and his friends. He is enthusiastic, confident in himself and his work, even when his invention's fail.

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The Rain Genie-EX and Joe Edit

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The Shape of Dreams Edit

The Bear Pianist Edit

During the Bear Pianist storyarc, Phil rejected the girls' offer to come watch the Bear Pianist play with them, insisting he had better things to do. He looked at Alan and Jan when he noticed their excited faces indicating that they wanted to go to the play, but they grew nervous at his gaze and unwillingly agreed with what he said. On the day of the play, the girls ultimately discover them attending it, leaving Phil to work alone, leaving them to wonder where he is. During that time, he hauled more items in a wagon through towns. He let out a loud sneeze before nonchalantly wondering what happened to Alan and Jan, then proceeded to carry on his way with a smile.[3]

On a later day, he found Saga while gathering more supplies for his latest project. He cheerfully asked for her help and walked over to look at her curiously when he received no response. He was scared off after seeing her angrily staring ahead of herself in her frustration over Vincent and the fairies.

Giving a Turtle Wings (Or a Parachute) Edit

Later on, Saga sought help from Phil at the junkyard lab in order to find a way to get Pepper and the fairies to help make Lancelot fly. He seemed a bit astonished by her actually coming to him for help and asked what she would need flying inventions for, but he nonetheless gathered all of his such creations and gave her an armful of them, then sent her off with enthusiasm. Saga ended up using his mini rocket parachute to launch Sugar into a tree where Lancelot was about to fall from a breaking branch. Salt and Pepper managed to get the parachute on the turtle just as the branch gave way and he floated safely to the ground. Saga then noted how Phil's invention actually worked, appearing impressed.[4]

Helping an Ill Saga Edit

Phil was present when Greta challenged Saga at school to a pin-pong match while Sugar was out of town. He, Alan, and Jan questioned Greta on wanting to play a game generally for little kids. He stood watching among Norma and Anne looking quite unimpressed along with them, tired by the sight of Saga and Greta's needlessly prolonged match. When Saga collapsed from illness during the game, Phil immediately rushed to her side to check if she was okay, and was the one one to call for the teacher to come help.[5]

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Trivia Edit

  • In the manga adaption, Phil is shown to have a father whose appearance bears a resemblance to Albert Einstein in his old age, with glasses. This would make sense as the series is set in Germany, where the famous physicist was born, and especially since Phil aspires to be a ground-breaking scientist.
  • In the manga, Phil is shown in one panel to be reading a book on science and alchemy with much enthusiasm.

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