"I merely make the effort to become the perfect cloud fairy. I strive for perfection." — Turmeric, episode 5

Cloud Fairy Turmeric
Turmeric as he appears in the anime.




20 in human years [1]

Weather practice




Hair color


Eye color

Olive green

First appearance

Episode 5

Last appearance

OVA Special Part 2 (episode 26)

Voiced by

Kenji Nojima (Japanese), Ezra Weisz (English)

Turmeric (ターメリック, Tāmerikku) is an adult Cloud Fairy whose musical instrument is the cello. He is a kind, thoughtful, and subdued fairy who has dedicated himself to his work with creating clouds. He is an artist at heart, constantly striving to perfect his clouds. In the manga adaption, he has also been shown painting on a canvas.

According to the Elder, Turmeric is the best Cloud Fairy as well as the most popular guy in the Fairy World. He becomes a role model to Salt and teaches him more about his work, later inspiring Salt himself to become a Cloud Fairy.

When the Elder approached him about how to "understand the mind of a woman in love", Turmeric claimed that he "had no interest in that sort of thing," [2] and emphasized his dedication to his work. Ginger has a hinted romantic interest in him, though he's usually too involved in his work to notice, and is oblivious to Elder's hopeless infatuation with her. He does, however, eventually take notice of Ginger more often and willingly interacts with her himself, possibly indicating that he may return her feelings to some extent.

Role In PlotEdit


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