Vincent, a.k.a "The Bear Pianist"






Long, brown



First Appearance

Episode 8

Last Appearance

OVA Special Part 2 (Episode 26)

A laid back and kind man who is also known as the Bear Pianist for the Hammond Theater Troop. Saga was requested by him to play the piano as a replacement for him once. While he seems strangely clumsy and absent-minded, he is a well-meaning person with a passion for enjoying life regardless of whatever tough circumstances it may throw at him.

Musical Career Edit

Earlier in his career as a musician, Vincent was a concert pianist, but later joined the Hammond Theater Troop to have more freedom with his work in less stressful conditions. He took on a more humbling role as the Bear Pianist character for the troop's play, taking the simple enjoyment in bringing joy to children and smaller crowds. Despite his laid-back, carefree nature, he works hard to do his part in making the play the best he can. Often enough, he focuses so much on how to improve his musical skills that he becomes absent-minded, seeming to act strange in the eyes of others. He states that he was familiar with the late Ingrid Bergman, some of his work having been inspired by her, much to Saga's surprise.

Able to see Season Fairies? Edit

Throughout episodes 9-12, the apprentice fairies make several assumptions that he may be able to see Season Fairies. He does things to indicate this; however, other mannerisms he has around them seem to equally suggest that he can't. Sugar tries to be the most insistent that he can see them, even hoping that she, Salt, and Pepper would find a Twinkle around him, which came without luck. The matter is left behind at the end of the story arc after he does one more thing that confuses the answer for them. The truth on the matter isn't entirely revealed until the end of the OVA Special (episode 26).

Story Plot Edit

In the Bear Pianist story arc (episodes 9-12), the Hammond Theater Troop came to Muhlenberg and announced their performance of the famous "Bear Pianist" play for children. Sugar, Salt and Pepper overhear the excitement and in confusion began to question everything they saw. Not understanding what a play was, they went to Saga for answers while she was working at Little Me. Vincent soon after visited the coffee shop to relax, acting oddly absent-minded while making his order. Almost instantly he began to notice Saga, which, on top of Sugar nagging her to see the play, flustered her. Upon giving him a cup of coffee she brewed, he took a sip and seemingly told her that it was "a little on the stiff side" in a blunt manner, greatly offending her. Having been so upset by his words, it continued to bother her long while.

Later, Saga heard about "The Bear Pianist" coming to town and learned of how head-over-heals excited Norma was to see it. When her friends asked her to come, along with Sugar's own persistence about seeing it, Saga agreed to go see the play on its' opening day, taking the apprentice fairies with her. At the end of the play, she and the fairies are amazed to see that the man in the Bear costume is none other than Vincent.


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